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About Us

Think Differently. Work Differently

creativesuit was formed by a group of professional creatives and who wanted to keep everything as simple as possible.

Where complex, lofty creativity has been the downfall of many of our counterparts, simplicity has been the driving force behind our success.

Trust us, we've been there before and the focus groups, think pods and soul searching sessions held among organic woodlands, really don't live up to their promise. At CreativeSuit we believe that the best creative solutions are embedded in commercial viability and plain old common sense, which is why we focus on asking simple questions in good old fashioned English.

And because we think that everyone in our business has an input in to what we're doing for you, we've invested in some fantastically simple, easy to use, new software which enables clients and colleagues alike to get involved in the evolution of every project that we take on board.

And because we use state of the art project management and communication software, in preference to swanky, expensive offices in the middle of an expensive city, it means that we can do things faster and cheaper than every one else.