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    Cellular Health Club

    Creating a new visual identity for a new health company was a challenging and fun project for creativesuit. We had to ensure we didn’t become stereotypical, and use imagery which has become the boring trade mark of so many health related brands.

    As a result, striking visuals were agreed upon, and the logo design was extended into sales material, web work, posters and flyers. The impact of the new branding has been significant to the new business, resulting in a dramatic increase in membership.
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    City 1st Growth

    City 1st Growth is a company that advises clients on large investments made on premium wines. Creativesuit was approached to create a new visual, which could be integrated throughout all business to client communications.

    The actual logo was modeled on the “Gherkin” in London, as its geographical location was very close to the target market of City 1st Growth. The deep burgundy background was chosen for its rich, warm associations, and the gold leaf effect on the logo was the real “seal” of quality.
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    Juice Raw

    Creativesuit was approached by the marketing team at Raw Juice who wanted us to come up with a cleaner, more modern identity for their business. Heavy use of a particular font was already on a great deal of the client’s branding, so in order to save costs, and avoid confusing consumers, we devised a series of subtle tweaks to encompass it into a new design.

    A fresh logo was created, which was used in packaging design, sales material and stand displays.
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    A modern twist on a quality brand. That’s how the client pitched us here, and it’s just the kind of challenge we like. Top ingredients need a strong brand which is why clean, organised shapes and colours were used, along with a clean modern font.
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