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    World Barista Championships

    A global site, created on 4 continents, with just 1 single point of contact

    Key issues: clarity, universal appeal, simple navigation, no time for everyone on each continent to get together for a meeting.

    When the World Barista Championships approached us about their new website, we really chuffed to be working for such a prestigious organization, one that represented some of the biggest players in the global coffee bar business.  So it was a bit of a challenge to say the least to come up with a site that had a universal appeal to so many people in this rapidly growing community.

    A key part of our solution was to make sure that the copy engaged so many different people. Secondly, we wanted a site that had a universal appeal but without looking too bland.  And thirdly, given the scope of its potential content, we needed to create a site that was easy to navigate with simple routes to key areas of information.

    The eventual solution was created with the input of key people across several continents who, thanks to our unique project management software, were able to have an equal say in the direction of the final site.