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    1. Absolute Business Focus
      Fancy graphics and animation may look flashy and clever, but will they really sell more of your products or develop your brand.

    We think they could be a turn off, which is our creative solutions are fundamentally focused on making a positive difference to your bottom line. If we think any idea is a gimmick or an obstacle to business, we won’t recommend it.

    1. Remarkability
      Delivering solutions of remarkable quality is the key driver behind every facet of our business. We call it ‘remarkability’, which means we take great care to ensure that our consultancy, processes, work, customer care and support are delivered to an exceptional, remarkable standard. Every time.
    2. We’re small business friendly
      80% of creativesuit’s clients are small and medium enterprises, so if you think you’re not big enough to knock on our door, think again. Unlike many other media agencies, who just focus on pursuing the big boys, we really want to work with ambitious SMEs to help them become the household names of tomorrow. We get to work on this quickly by improving the effectiveness of your online business communications, or streamlining your backend system to yield quantifiable benefits.
    3. Attention to Detail
      As you’d expect from a creative company like ours, looking at the bigger picture is important to see where you want to go. But none of it will ever happen if we don’t also look at the painstaking, finer detail.

    Our team is made up of the sort of people that take remarkable pride in their work. Whether it’s concept clarity, graphic optimisation, or the code we write, you can be assured that we have an exceptional eye for detail in our work we deliver to our clients.

    1. Bigger isn’t Better
      Many companies make the mistake of thinking that big agencies and software development companies deliver big results through big reinvested profits and big advertising expenditure.

    Every one at creativesuits has worked for all these big companies and we know, from our very own experience, that big design companies actually mean big wage bills, big promises, big staff turnover, big overheads and big impersonal project teams.

    Wouldn’t you rather have a small, more focused and more passionate team that delivers on time, every time, to exceptional standards?

    1. Excellent Project Management
      Whatever the project, smooth and effective communication is paramount to its timely arrival with pre-determined creative and financial parameters. At creativesuit we make sure this happens through our open door policy of personal contact coupled with our easy to use online project management software.
    2. Total Quality Speccing
      Quality and consistency through the life cycle of your project is embedded in everything we do from Day 1. Having worked on many company-wide projects, we’ve a wealth of experience identifying and accommodating the varying, and occasionally complex, needs of different people and departments. And our fresh pair of eyes means that we’ll bring a fresh perspective to ideas and concepts that, internally, you may not have thought possible.
    3. Experienced Team
      Small in size but big on experience. Thankfully we’re not an enormous company with expensive offices and overheads. However, our team has tons of experience delivering creatively sound projects for a wide range of companies in our previous lives include Freedom, Marks & Spencer Financial Services, United Utilities, Carlsberg Tetley, McCain Foods, HBOS, and many more.
    4. In-depth understanding of new and legacy technologies
      Whether you want your website converted from PHP to .NET or wish to migrate your internal management system from Cobol to Java, our developers have both the skill sets and experience of migrating your existing systems to more flexible, scalable and secure technologies.
    5. Dedicated Development Team
      We have a highly experienced development team that has built solid and secure applications for some of the world’s best known companies.
    6. Custom build solutions
      Make no mistake, custom-built solutions are infinitely more beneficial to you than having to wrap your IT-based communications around an off the shelf package, which is why our bespoke solutions we provide offer genuine flexibility and scale-ability. And once, your project is complete we’ll hand over all the intellectual property rights, source codes and documentation.
    7. Multi sector experience
      Our team has experience in a number of sectors including Financial, Media Print & Publishing, Public, Healthcare, Telecoms, and Mobile Telecoms.